[title above=”” h1=”false” center=”false”]Then ran the seventies … and in the family backery, Learning the art, in the free time I was studying the fundations and the motivation of the power natural. [/title]

I found many explanations and confirmations in the study of holistic medicine, I also thought of Steiner, the creator of biodynamic farming, (really powerful), an alternative world that fascinated me a lot and I tried to get to know.
It was in those years that I matured, the desire to merge what I had learned and open in the summer of 1985 the first furnace dedicated to the natural products or the best biodynamic products from the oven, and called it “L’ALBERO DEL PANE”, associated with the “Demeter Italy” certification body of biodynamic agriculture, began this long journey, which later was consolidated with the advent of the european legislation on organic farming methods.
Despite the long experience in the bakery and traditional pastries, from 1985, with The L’ALBERO DEL PANE I propose through my products a good feed, but also more healthy, vital, respectful of man, his environment and his future… if you agree with me, looking for my products in the best shops or through this site, and… discover the difference !


correvano gli anni 80

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