…it is imperative that you explain the quality of my product, starting from the origin of the raw materials, that is, by the method of cultivation and processing of wheat flour, oil and other ingredients. All come from companies that adopt the method of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

The international trademark “Demeter” mark and protect the quality of biodynamic agriculture and all its supply chain… for over twenty years working with this brand and I am a part of its supply chain by transforming the wheat into bread, or perhaps apples and butter in a delicious cake…

And with this chain that I preferred to work and describe briefly why.

With the method of biodynamic farmers work for the enhancement of the natural fertility of their fields, in order to obtain plants that are more vital, healthy and strong. The main purpose of fertilization is the vitalization of the earth, with the use of special natural fertilizers prepared with the help of the animals and medicinal plants are properly developed.

From these preparations, you get powerful concentrates of active forces that promote and stimulate the vital processes of the soil and of the plants. Rotations scheduled, intercropping plants, the use of flours of different rocks, of macerated vegetable and other devices, are used at the completion of the biodynamic method of cultivation. Thus you get healthy plants and resistant that offer their full organoleptic quality, physiological and aromatic. Cereals, fruits, vegetables that are known for the high nutritional value, the taste full and health.

They are obtained without the use of synthetic chemicals, without preservatives, additives and products of landscaping artificial.

The Demeter Association for the protection of bio-dynamics in Italy, the national body of control and certification check of the correct application of the method, developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in 1924. It also operates to charge the trustee of the Scientific Research Institute for biodynamic agriculture of Dermstadt and the Demeter Bund Stuttgart.

The Demeter with its engineers, authorizes the manufacturer to affix to its products the mark of quality, and also controls all the stages of transformation, preservation, storage and distribution of the products with this mark.

To obtain a product with the brand Demeter, they have to bear more costs, because the hand of the man must replace those chemicals that greatly facilitate all processes in agriculture but also in the subsequent transformations and preservations of the finished products. The learning and the update on the best techniques, undertake further operators in national and international seminars, higher price supports and allows you to continue on this path by creating a product that is increasingly valuable, and consolidated in its best quality. Therefore, the person who buys the product biodynamic Demeter invests in the health of their own and in that of the earth, health will be able to leave an inheritance to his sons and to the sons of his sons…

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